Aclara Research is a leader in the development of consumer insights within the cannabis and hemp industries.

Our patient and consumer studies illuminate market opportunities, identify trends and inform business strategy for companies in the cannabis, consumer goods and health-care industries.  

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Aclara Research and the Mars Agency partnered to field a study across cannabis shoppers in legal markets to understand how acceptance of cannabis products shifts consumer behavior, their perception of cannabis retailers and the shopping experience in this new channel. Our extensive research with cannabis consumers suggests cannabis will be more disruptive to the consumer packaged goods industry than Uber has been to transportation!

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Leverage our access to over 30,000 cannabis patients and consumers.

At Aclara Research we are at the forefront of understanding today's cannabis product user. We leverage our research panel to conduct meaningful studies uncovering usage and market insights that impact the cannabis, hemp, consumer goods and healthcare industries.

– Carmen Brace, Founder, Aclara Research