• Why are consumers using cannabis and hemp products?
  • What is the impact of cannabis and hemp products on prescription drug and opioid usage?
  • Which common symptoms drive cannabis and hemp product usage?
  • How do patients and consumers select products at retail?

The Leading Edge of Patient and Consumer Demand

The Aclara Research survey panel spans adult use and medical markets  – providing real time access to cannabis and hemp user insights. We link these insights with consumer goods, health- care and legislative research to understand the patient, the consumer and the market.  


Cannabis, CBD and Wellness

Consumers are buying cannabis and hemp products as a first line therapeutic to manage ongoing symptoms such as pain, anxiety and trouble sleeping – symptoms which impact over 130 Million adults.

In 2018, the industry is witnessing a transference of $46B of consumer spending from the illegal to the legal market. This unprecedented business disruption is happening now – across online, specialty and non measured retail channels. Increasingly, consumers are also using products with Cannabidiol – CBD –a non psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. Hemp derived CBD products are accessible to consumers across the US and was identified as one of the Top 10 innovation trends in food and consumer products at the 2018 New Hope Network Natural Products Expo. Could CBD become the next probiotics market?

Through an Aclara Research syndicated study, you’ll obtain a significant amount of data, insights and strategic analysis at a fraction of the cost of an independent custom research study.

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The Public Good: Aclara Research Independently Funded Studies

In addition to our syndicated and custom research studies, Aclara Research independently funds patient and consumer studies to increase public understanding of the leading reasons for cannabis product usage (HINT: it’s not about getting high). See our recent studies across markets:

Cannabis, Prescription Drugs and Opioid Usage

Aclara Research partnered with a group of pharmacist professionals active within the cannabis industry to understand how patient usage of medical cannabis has impacted prescription drug and opioid usage. The team partnered with patient advocacy groups and dispensaries to field a 41 question online survey across over 400 respondents in September 2017.

The Illinois Patient Experience Study

Aclara Research conducted the first study of Illinois patients since the inception of the medical cannabis pilot program. This study of nearly 300 respondents was the first, largest and most comprehensive study of the impact of medical cannabis on patient health and well-being within the market. This 74 question survey focused on the leading conditions and symptoms, product segment and brand purchases, perceived product efficacy and experience within the health care system.