New Study Details Positive Impact of Illinois’ Medical Marijuana Program


A new research study conducted on patients enrolled in Illinois’ pilot medical marijuana program has found that cannabis treatments have helped patients cut back on prescription drug use, or even quit entirely. Medical cannabis consulting firm Aclara Research recently released The Illinois Medical Cannabis Patient Experience Study, the first study on the effectiveness of the state’s pilot MMJ program, which was launched in 2012.

The study also found gender gaps in the medical marijuana program as well as the state’s overall health care system. Women were 50% more likely to suffer symptoms of chronic pain, including insomnia, back and joint pain, and anxiety. Overall, 47% of the patients in the study used CBD treatments on a daily basis, but 75% of female patients reported daily CBD use. Twenty-six percent of women reported never having used cannabis before entering the program, compared to 22% of respondents overall.

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