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Cannabis, Prescription Drugs and Opioid Usage

Aclara Research partnered with a group of pharmacist professionals active within the cannabis industry to understand how patient usage of medical cannabis has impacted prescription drug and opioid usage.  The team partnered with patient advocacy groups and dispensaries to field an online questionnaire in September 2017.

Aclara Research and pharmacist partners continue this study by fielding qualitative research with patients and adult consumers that have used cannabis to eliminate or decrease prescription drug and opioid usage across legal cannabis markets.  Final study results will be released in January 2018.

Study Highlights

67% of respondents STOPPED using all opioid medications

30% of respondents STOPPED using all prescription medications

85% of patients DO NOT talk to their pharmacist about medical cannabis

43% of patients obtain their information about cannabis from the internet and social media

Who is the patient?
Need States
Why are patients using cannabis?
Health Care
Impact on prescription drugs
Usage Behavior
How are patients using products for symptom relief?
Spending Behavior and Retail Experience
How are patients buying and selecting cannabis products?

Aclara Research: Previous Studies

Aclara Research conducts qualitative and quantitative research with cannabis users across legal markets. Learn more about macro trends and data from previous Aclara studies across Michigan, Illinois, Colorado and Oregon.


Illinois Patient Experience Study (2017)

Aclara Research  conducted the first study of Illinois patients since the inception of the medical cannabis pilot program. This study of nearly 300 respondents focused on the impact of medical cannabis on patient health and well-being within the Illinois market.


Cannabis Patient and Consumer Experience (2017)

A multi-market study to understand the leading need states and usage occasions of cannabis consumption across product segments. Identify commonalities across markets to improve product development strategy.

Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain Study (2016)

Explore the mindset of Michigan patients  using cannabis to find relief from the leading symptoms of chronic pain conditions.


Cannabis Infused Product Usage


A deep dive into patient and consumer usage habits, product selection and media influencers within this high growth product segment across Michigan and Oregon.

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