About Us

Aclara Research is a leader within the cannabis sector, providing valuable qualitative and quantitative research and data that not only drives impactful insight, but also serves as a foundation for market development, product innovation and improved health care outcomes.

The company was founded in 2016 to research patient usage of cannabis in treating medical conditions – and expanded to include cannabis and hemp consumers. Across multiple studies, the drivers of user demand were similar across groups – to improve physical and mental well being.

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving – patient and  consumer driven insights continue to be at the core of Aclara’s services. We uncover data that shapes the future of the  cannabis and hemp industries. Our studies are led by a team of consulting professionals that analyze the cannabis and hemp customer to share actionable insights with our clients across the cannabis, consumer goods and healthcare sectors.

Aclara’s engagement within the cannabis industry is what sets us apart. Our strategic partnerships and industry affiliations with dispensaries, policy organizations, medical professionals as well as the legislative community helps us provide exceptional market intelligence where it is needed most. The insights we offer are not just aimed at helping cannabis users, but they also impact state and regulatory policy development.

These affiliations and partnerships allow us to provide a comprehensive view of the cannabis and hemp industries to improve results and profitability for our clients.